The ideas for the TEN Networks rose out of the realization that we, as lawyers, get our best referrals from other lawyers. Thus, we created The Esquire Network as a way for us to connect with other lawyers, but also help facilitate their own connections to help grow their practice.

Our latest development to the TEN Networks is The Educative Network for law students. We realized that it would be an easy way to help law students make connections with people in their intended area of practice that will surely help them begin their practice right after graduating. More information coming soon.

Later, we realized that a similar business model could be applied to other business professionals too-- and we could make most of the groups exclusive to foster even stronger connections within, what we like to call, a "circles of influence."So, we developed The Executive Network as a way for multiple business professionals could interact to give referrals and grow their businesses.

The TEN Networks, INC.

TEN: The Educative Network (Coming Soon)

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Co-founders Marty Rudoy (L) and David FLeck (R)


TENworking is how we can help you build your network of resources and referral sources.